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An Even Better Gift Guide

This year’s gift guide is all about what you’re looking for. Rather than a single destination for all our gift recommendations, we’re providing relevant recommendations in our marketplace categories, via Curated Gift Guide collections. Our favorite part is that this year, we’ll also be featuring collections made by community members. To kick off your holiday gifting, take a look at some of this week’s featured collections, and keep sending those suggestions and lists to our forums:

Incredible RPG Dice and Tabletop Minis Curated by Save or Dice

From the Save or Dice-curated collection, Eondesigner's Celtic Dice

From the Save or Dice-curated collection, Eondesigner’s Celtic Dice

We’re huge fans of Save or Dice, a D&D-focused Twitch/YoutTube show from a dream team of D&D YouTubers that includes Nerdarchy, Taking 20, Web DM, and Encounter Roleplay. Save or Dice curated a very choice selection of dice, minis, and scenery.

Math + Art + 3D Printing =  Jewelry You Can’t Get Anywhere Else

mobius strip necklace pendant

The Pendant_Four Twisted Mobius by SECU, as featured in the I Can’t f(x) Without Jewelry collection

Not only are the jewelry designers in our community incredibly talented, uniquely cool, and resourceful — a huge number of them are also masters at math. 3D printing has made it possible, for the first time, to turn equations that previously existed only as 3D models into (astoundingly) beautiful jewelry. Discover some of our favorites in the I Can’t f(x) Without Jewelry collection.

The Amazing N-Scale World of Community Designer RailNScale

railnscale holiday market scale models model railroad scenery

RailNscale’s delightful Weihnachtsbäume-Markt Set, as seen in his Happy Holidays Hobbying collection

The tiny N scale almost has to be seen to be believed, and a winter wonderland, a tiny village, and a glistening model railroad are pretty fundamental elements of the holidays. Bring it all to life with community member and Shop Owner RailNscale‘s curated Happy Holidays Hobbying collection.

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