HP Nylon Plastic Now Open to All Makers!

HP’s Multi-Jet Fusion printer is now available to everyone! Starting today, anyone can order their own models in HP Nylon Plastic, available in both Raw Gray and Black. We’re excited about the the material’s progress in strength, stiffness, shock absorption, and finish. Learn more about the story behind it below.

With every new material and technology we offer, we work closely with our community and technology partners to improve and develop it. Our testing and evaluation of this new technology started back in 2016 when Shapeways partnered with HP and received the very first prototype printer in the field. Our 3D printing engineers spent months user-testing this machine and providing expert feedback to the HP team to help drive development of this revolutionary technology.

The HP Jet Fusion Printer in action

The HP Jet Fusion Printer in action

Once we received the first production machines, we invited community members to our Eindhoven factory to get feedback on the material in their designs and to get an in-depth look at our process.

A designer from our community tests out HP Nylon Plastic

A designer from our community tests out HP Nylon Plastic

In April, we opened Early Access to HP’s Multi-Jet Fusion technology. Since then, together, we have been rigorously testing the capabilities with thousands of different applications and geometries, thanks to our diverse community’s endlessly varied, one-of-a-kind products. This has enabled us to have an extraordinary and unique understanding of the material and process.

You have helped us prove that prints developed with HP have excellent mechanical properties, a smooth surface, and a more finished look. Both the quality and strength of HP have not yet been matched by other materials, showing the ingenuity of this new technology. Over the course of developing the material, your insights have also helped us drop our lead time to 6 days.

Because of the increased strength, durability, and smoothness, this new material will be introduced at a higher price than our Strong & Flexible family of plastics.

Along with our community, we hope that in the future the HP printers will help us to lower costs for our users. It is HP’s mission to create the fastest and least expensive nylon printer on the market, and we are grateful to continue working with them to help make this happen.

As roll out HP to all of our makers, we are renaming the material from HP Strong & Flexible to HP Nylon Plastic to distinguish it from our Strong & Flexible family. We have also made updates to the design guidelines, pricing, and lead time.

Testing bracelets printed in HP Nylon Plastic

Testing bracelets printed in HP Nylon Plastic

Due to its superior mechanical properties, we recommend HP Nylon Plastic for functional products that require high strength, stiffness, elongation, and isotropic properties, such as RC cars, mechanical, and casing parts. If you’re not sure if HP Nylon Plastic is the right material for your project, see the comparison chart of functional plastics below.


In the near future, we plan to make HP Nylon Plastic available for Shop Owners to offer as well. But first, we’ll need your feedback on the material. What has worked for your own models? What are things to watch out for, or unexpected uses for the material? With your help, we’ll soon be able to offer HP Nylon Plastic to all marketplace shoppers.

We’re grateful for your feedback and ingenuity as we continue to develop new technologies together. We can’t wait to see what you make with HP Nylon Plastic! Upload your design here.

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