Resize, Get the Right Price

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Getting your design to match your budget by experimentation can be a little tricky, but with a little math there’s really not much to it. The volume of an object is proportional to the cube of its size, so you can calculate the new size as follows:

Yes, well, there are days that I don’t feel like computing this either, so we’ve created this nifty little calculator tool. Just enter the price that we’re now quoting, enter the price that you’d like to pay and bam! There’s the scale you need to apply to your object to get it at *just* the right size for the price.


Size Calculator

Do you need to make your object match your budget? Use the Size Calculator to find the right size!

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Target price:  $
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Scale factor:   

Example: a scale factor of 0.50 means reducing your object to 50% of its original size.

Resize, Get the Right Price


  1. jakecressman

    Thanks for the calculator!

    I was thinking, this tool would be more useful if it told me how big I could make something at a set price ($200) with a given material (white strong flexible). Then I wouldn’t need a quoted price to get results.

    Also, most people don’t give a crap how the math is done, so I wouldn’t feature the equation at the top of the page. At most, it should be a side note.

    Rock on,

  2. sammymatik

    this is confusing… Is there a pricing char that gives a bit more of an overview on pricing?

    maybe with references to some dimensions?

  3. pepe

    just in addition to what the others mentioned before,… I’m used to order rapid ptypes and in the industrial field they have a pretty simple way to calculate prices. the mor ecubics, the more money. Basically the same way you do it. But what ist the price per cm³ based on let me say a typically material like ABS, which is pretty simple to be 3D printed!?

  4. MikeB

    Did I get it right – solid 5cm * 5cm * 5cm would cost me 125 * $1.87 = $233 (cheapest material)? Plus shipping? Or can I make it hollow with say 3mm walls and save material/money? I’m bit lost about the final price… if I upload my design will I get a quote for shipped design?

  5. Qwesto

    I have just calculated and $233 is crazy! I could NEVER ever afford that, for that price you could even let a goldsmith do that….

    1. bendansie

      If you can find a goldsmith that will sell you a 5x5x5cm piece of solid gold for $233, please send me their contact details!

      You can use hollowed out models from what I understand.

    2. Qwesto

      I think you know what I meant…I have no time to play around with you, bendansie.

    3. bendansie

      Yes I knew what you meant. It was supposed to be a fairly lighthearted reply, sorry if it came off offensive.

    4. Joris Peels

      Guys big hugs all around and let’s keep it friendly.

  6. bhermer

    In Pro-Engineer & Solid works, you can get a volume measurement of your model, you can probably do the same for other programs, then you can work out your own price! perhaps a volume calculator here would be good to

  7. potmo

    I agree with the other comments. Its a bit trycky. I dont understand if the price is based on the actual volume of my model or if its based on the ‘bounding box’ of my model.
    I guess its a bit tricky to calculate a models exact volume but an fairly good estimate would do.

    I guess all this will be clear if I actually upload a model and try it out but I don’t want to make a model of something if I later see that this will be to expensive.
    I guess a small note will do for me on how the price is calculated.

    1. Qwesto

      “guess all this will be clear if I actually upload a model and try it out but I don’t want to make a model of something if I later see that this will be to expensive”

      …that’s the point.

    2. Bart Veldhuizen

      Hi potmot,

      we’re using the actual volume, not the volume of the bounding box. That’s why you can save money by making your objects hollow!



    3. Anonymous

      I think everybody got it, but we need a calculator which is able to display the final price if the model is hollow…

    4. pepe

      almost 1 1/2 years ago the blenderartists wrote a simple but well working script at least for blender:

      when you hit Alt-p you won’t see anything happening, it’s because the output is shown in the dos console. Don’t know if it works under linux where you usually don’t have blender running along a terminal….

      hope it helps

  8. Glenn Slingsby

    Price calculator doesn’t work anyway… at least not on my system running under Windows 7

  9. graf-rh

    Hello, we redesigned our model with holes inside, so we reduced the volume, but the price is still the same – wy??

    Please check the real volume.

    Best regards
    R. Harz

  10. Ryan Wolfe

    Just to echo the above comment (from a year ago), I uploaded solid and hollow versions of a model and got the same price for both. Does it matter if the interior hollow space is accessible from outside?

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