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It’s iPhone X Day! Get Your Case on With These 3 iPhone X Case Tutorials

Today is THE DAY: Apple’s reimagined iPhone has finally dropped, and the daring new design will require a new approach to keeping the device safe.

Last month, we put out a call for designs when the iPhone X was unveiled, and the community has already created some fantastic cases. We’ll be featuring the best of your iPhone X cases in a future post, so keep ’em coming!

In the meantime, if you’re looking for some guidance on how to get started in designing your own case, our partners at Vectary have created three videos that will walk you through the process of tweaking a basic design template to fit your needs. These videos are best for experienced Vectary users, so we recommend you try out one of our other Vectary tutorials first to get familiar with the free browser-based design software before you begin. Once you’ve created your 3D model, you’ll be able to automatically send the file for printing through Shapeways.

Create an iPhone X case with a grip (AKA stand, or popsocket)

Choose a simple cutout for the back of your case…

…or a more complex pattern that’s truly personalized

If you’re an experienced 3D designer, think of these Vectary-built models as a jumping-off point for your own iPhone X creations. And let us know: What are some of the design challenges presented by the new phone? What are you most excited about?

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