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This shouldn’t work, but somehow, it does

The Shapeways office let out a collective “WHOA” this morning when this tweet went viral:

Our minds were blown. But, being a good responsible 3D designer, Jacob Sonk (our Machine Team Lead) decided to check out what sounded like a dubious claim. At first, he didn’t think it was possible, since a singular face requires a minimum of three vertices, and a simple poly cube has six faces and eight vertices. BUT SCIENCE! Jacob made like a good scientist and took 10 minutes to recreate the logo in Maya.

The result?


Nintendo N64 logo render in 3D modeling software Maya

And, tripling down, here’s the model in Blender again, just in case you still had doubts:
Nintendo N64 logo render in 3D modeling software Blender

What’s the craziest thing you’ve discovered when 3D designing?

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