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The Secrets of Game of Thrones Weapons Master Tommy Dunne

You might not know his name, but you’ve seen his work many times, particularly if you’re a “Game of Thrones” fan. He is prolific Weapons Master, armorer, and consultant Tommy Dunne.

With more than 25 years in the film and entertainment industry, Dunne has quite the impressive CV. He started out in the film industry making weapons for “Braveheart,” and has gone on to work on films like “Fifth Element,” “Saving Private Ryan,” “V for Vendetta,” and many more. Just from looking at the weapons themselves, you can tell that what drives him every day, on every project is his love and appreciation for the crafts of weaponry and armor.

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Each weapon is conceptualized and designed specifically for the character and scene it will be used in. Dunne takes everything into consideration, such as the size of the actor wielding it and marks of age and wear on the weapon. It’s important to carefully craft each prop so that it looks like it comes straight out of the world it’s from.

In a previous post, we raved about the “Game of Thrones” Dorne Dagger which was printed in our Frosted Ultra Detail plastic. When choosing materials, Dunne focuses on what they’ll become: The materials themselves impact how the weapons will be decorated and finished. He also chooses materials that have the most appropriate weight. Aside from Frosted Ultra Detail, Dunne has also printed with our white Strong &Flexible Plastic.

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While Dunne’s been intrigued with 3D printing for a while, this is only the beginning of his foray into our world and industry. Fans of historical fiction and fantasy, 3D printing, and “Game of Thrones” can expect to see many more incredible creations from Dunne and Shapeways to come.

The artist at work

Head over to Dunne’s website for high-resolution documentation of his works.

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