When we launch a new material, we can only dream of the impressive ways you’ll use it. A couple of weeks ago, we released Premium Strong & Flexible nylon, and Shapeways designer Michael Mueller of Pookas has already found a fantastic application: eyeglasses.

Michael recently shared his Premium Strong & Flexible glasses on Facebook, and we are super excited to share his results with you:

Black 3D printed eyeglasses

Look at that sheen!


Black 3D printed eyeglasses

At the living henge, the finish is particularly smooth and sleek


Black 3D printed eyeglasses

Michael fitted his own lenses into the glasses

Check out Michael’s Designer Spotlight to learn more about his process and his work, and explore all his incredible creations in his shop, Pookas.

You can find out more about Premium Strong & Flexible plastic here. What are you making with this new finish? Comment below for a chance to be featured in Shapeways Magazine.