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Shaping Dutch Design: TriToy

In celebration of Dutch Design Week 2017, our Shaping Dutch Design series will once again take a closer look at a few of the dozens of designers who are part of the Shapeways Community EXPO this year. Make sure to visit us in person if you’re in Eindhoven this week, and follow us here, on InstagramTwitter, and on Facebook for live updates from #DDW17. Urbano Rodriguez of TriToy will be our Shapeways EXPO featured designer on Saturday, October 21.

For those creativity junkies who never truly outgrew their childhood toys, TriToy is Urbano Rodriguez‘s shop featuring building blocks — well, polygons — for adults. From brightly colored triangles and squares, the things one can build are limited only by imagination.

Just a square and a triangle. These two geometric shapes can make as many wholes as one desires. Printed with Shapeways’ Strong & Flexible Plastic, these little toys are perfect material for hours of fun, but are also super handy for prototyping and designing architectural models. So, fidget spinners step aside, TriToy takes desk toys to the next level — enabling outside-of-the-box thinking, and letting those creative juices flow.

And yes, dreams do come true — you can combine TriToys with Legos! Like the sick ride above, you can take advantage of Lego’s accessories and parts — such as wheels and propellors — to further realize the creatures and objects lurking in the corners of your imagination. Aside from the Legos, it does require a Lego adapter piece, also available in TriToy’s online store.

The result of these polygons is multicolored, geometric versions of anything:

A personal favourite of mine is the shark hand puppet that highlights the fact that yes, these shapes are moving parts!

Screenshot from Feature Video

And just for good measure, here’s 36 more possibilities:

Ready to play? Rodriguez will be showcasing TriToy at Shapeways EXPO during Dutch Design Week from October 21 to October 29. In case you won’t be in Eindhoven, you can browse detailed instructions, descriptions, and more possibilities in the online store, and visit Rodriguez’s Shapeways shop for his other designs.

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