It’s no secret that 3D printing has been a revolutionary force in prosthetics, providing people around the world with affordable and high-quality custom options. Now, Form Prosthetics has created a way to bring something new to to this 3D printed prosthetics revolution: personal style.

3D modeling provides a faster, more accurate way of designing prosthetics unique to their wearers. But custom prosthetics have been around for millennia — for the wealthy. 3D printing has ushered in an era wherein prosthetics are actually affordable. In fact, they’re much more affordable than traditionally manufactured devices. And, the possibilities for personalization are greater than ever before. Enter Form.


Form is nothing less than part of a new reality. Far from the purely necessary, functional, medical, and clinical, Form turns prosthetics into fabulous, futuristic accessories.

Their product range includes leg prosthesis covers in over 30 colors and dozens of styles, including below-knee 3D art (3D sculpted) covers, below-knee printed art covers, and above-knee 3D art covers.

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Form prints their covers at Shapeways in our sturdy Strong & Flexible Plastic, then post-processes them to take on the rich hues and high-shine finishes you see in the photos above and below.


Prosthetics themselves must prioritize function over form, leaving little room for creativity on the part of the designer or the wearer. Form recognizes that while a prosthetic becomes part of the body, functionally, it can also express its wearer’s personality.

The prosthetic covers range from sleek and subtle to maximalist and pop-art-inspired. Because some days, you’re feeling more sexy android, and others, more artsy tastemaker.


Right now, the company processes orders from Australia and New Zealand only. In the meantime, here’s sneak peek:

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