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Make the Future With Us at Dutch Design Week

Unprecedented prosthetics covers. Architectural jewelry. The props that bring Game of Thrones to life. Shapeways plays host to some of the most creative minds in design, from our shop owners to artists who use 3D printed forms to innovative entrepreneurs who incorporate 3D printing into their manufacturing processes. Rarely, however, do these incredible talents convene in a single IRL location. That’s why Dutch Design Week is our favorite time of year. This year, Shapeways will host dozens of designers at the Shapeways Community EXPO, hold a series of Meetups where you can learn how to 3D design (no matter your experience level), plus we’ll be 3D scanning with the high-definition Scanlogics scanning booth.

You can view the full events schedule at this link, and highlights below:

We’re focusing on two new materials: HP Strong & Flexible and Premium Strong & Flexible, plus giving visitors a first look at designs created under our revolutionary Valve licensing program. Each day at Shapeways Community EXPO, we’ll feature themes from personal style to virtual and augmented reality. Don’t miss the groundbreaking prosthetic covers of Form, printed at Shapeways, the beautiful work of our SMK jewelry contest winners, or innovative fan art from Valve games. All events will take place in Eindhoven. You can view the map of venues here:

We hope to see you this weekend and all next week at Dutch Design Week. If you can’t make it, you can meet some of the designers who will be there via our Shaping Dutch Design magazine series, and on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter throughout the week. For a full list of exhibitors, visit

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