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Out of Shape 7: Rodent Armor On-Demand

I feel like these Out of Shape updates have become crazier and crazier. First, Alex Morris of WebComicName shared Oh No blob on Instagram and it’s reached nearly 11,000 likes! I recently sent him a print of the Oh No cat, so hoping he gets a kick out of that little dude too.

a bootilicious blob, designed by @ladybuglise and printed by @shapeways

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It appears that the most recent theme of my 3D modeling projects has been insane promises to friends. The first being the beaver-themed golf trophy. This ended up taking forever because, as it turns out, my ability to sculpt an animal I’m unfamiliar with was kind of a struggle. I tackled this challenge by first making a Pinterest board of beaver photos that would guide my understanding of what beavers even look like/how one would hypothetically hold a large golf-ball-shaped cup.

After a bunch of squirrel-looking attempts, I was able to get something that resembled a beaver. It was then a matter of deciding how to make the beaver into a trophy that could be drank out of (per David’s very specific requests). As with most projects, I had some help from a colleague — Lauren helped me turn a golf ball model from Thingiverse into the textured top of the trophy. I’d attempted doing so but couldn’t figure out how to add thickness to the cup. Adding the writing to the cup also took an embarrassingly long time but definitely taught me some new skills along the way. I’ve processed the order to be printed in the HP nylon because the walls were slightlyyyy too thin for our typical SLS — so stay tuned for photos of that print. As a preview, the model is below.

My karat/carrot ring is still on the horizon, but an even better project popped up that I’m SO EXCITED ABOUT. After having chatted with the fantastic MiniWarGaming team at NOVA Open, we discussed how ridiculously fun it would be to design 3D printed armor for a guinea pig. While I wasn’t willing to make the commitment to owning a rodent for the cause, Dave actually got one! Its name is Donny and it’s going to be the wearer of the armor. This deserves an in-progress blog post of its own, but here’s a quick preview. I know this project is way over my experience level (or lack thereof), so I figured a paper prototype was a necessary step in envisioning the final project. What does a girl do without an actual guinea pig to model on? Buy a vegetable with the same proportions as said guinea pig. Ta da!

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