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Shaping Dutch Design: mulderendevries

In celebration of Dutch Design Week 2017, our Shaping Dutch Design series will once again take a closer look at a few of the dozens of designers who are part of the Shapeways Community EXPO this year. Make sure to visit us in person if you’re in Eindhoven this week, and follow us here, on InstagramTwitter, and on Facebook for live updates from #DDW17.

Mulderendevries is what happens when two Dutch architects, Remco Mulder and Marian de Vries, come together to create jewelry inspired by what they see in their everyday lives. Of course, as architects, what they see is a little different. They spot architectural motifs and patterns in both the mundane and the grandiose, and directly apply them to their jewelry designs.

Byzantine motifs are found in a number of Mulderendevries’s jewelry pieces, and the duo take good advantage of 3D printing to achieve the intricacy of the designs. By isolating the parts of different motifs that really stand out to them, we are able to appreciate the designs to another degree.

Muderendevries applies a similar structural aesthetic to their other designs, such as this bracelet filled with silhouetted blackbirds perched on intersecting lines that was designed for their niece. Their straightforward, bold jewelry has its own special ornamental charm to it, attracting both practical and romantic onlookers.

The pair certainly has an affinity for our black Strong and Flexible nylon, but they do offer their jewelry in a variety of metals and acrylics, which only proves that these timeless architectural motifs look gorgeous in any and every context.

Catch the duo at Shapeways’ exhibit at Dutch Design Week, which runs from October 21 to October 29. Before then, browse the whole collection on their Shapeways shop, or take a look at their portfolio on their website.

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