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Shaping Dutch Design: (in)Somnia Jewelry by Adnohia

In celebration of Dutch Design Week 2017, our Shaping Dutch Design series will once again take a closer look at a few of the dozens of Dutch designers who are part of the Shapeways EXPO this year and, of course, our global maker community all year round. Make sure to visit us in person if you’re in Eindhoven this week, and follow us here, on InstagramTwitter, and on Facebook for live updates from #DDW17.

(in)Somnia is a jewelry line designed by California-based Adnohia. The accessories are influenced by nature, both conceptually and literally — she invites us to embrace the rusting process of the metals, believing that the rusting turns the 3D-printed object into a personalized journey. This is just one aspect of Adnohia that makes her jewelry stand out.

Adnohia comes from an architecture background, which perhaps explains her attention to detail and beautifully pared-down compositions that make the jewelry pieces so poetic. She isolates typical elements of nature such as talons and beetle horns and reinterprets them completely into forms we’ve never seen before while simultaneously convincing us that they were always meant to be jewelry.

The simplicity makes these statement pieces as sophisticated as they are bold. With Adhonia’s level of consideration, the pieces are just as much as a visual experience as an emotional one, as she intends for the jewelry to “speak directly to the wearer’s sense of nostalgia,” creating a special relationship between the owner and jewelry.

The artistic value of (in)Somnia has not gone unappreciated, as Adnohia’s wearable sculptures have been featured in galleries such as La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Los Feliz, her Hammershøi bracelet inspired by the painting Interior in Strandgade, Sunlight on the Floor by Vilhelm Hammershøi has been chosen to be displayed at the National Gallery of Denmark as part of Shapeways’ partnership with the museum.

Be sure to admire more (in)Somnia jewelry in person at Shapeways’ exhibit at Dutch Design Week, which runs from October 21 to October 29. Not in Eindhoven? Worry not, just hop over to her Shapeways shop or take a look her personal website, which includes more hand-finished 3D printed jewelry.

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