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The Dremelfuge: 3D printed centrifuge attachment for Dremels

Cathal Garvey is doing some truly amazing stuff with 3D printing. His Shapeways Shop Labs From Fabs showcases all his 3D printed lab equipment. Basically he wants to use fabbing technology such as Shapeways and Makerbot to make inexpensive lab equipment. He sells the printed objects on Shapeways and also makes the designs available for download on Thingverse for anyone with their own 3D printer.

 I thought it was a great initiative but recently it turned amazing with the Dremelfuge. The Dremelfuge is a 3D printed attachment that turns a regular Dremel power tool into a lab centrifuge. Cathal’s great blog shows you a video of how it works as well as an explanation of the Dremelfuge.

This is a great example of how 3D printing could change industries. A test tube centrifuge is now $64 or $100 if you have to buy a Dremel.

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