Here’s 10% Off to Take Your Jewelry in a Strong and Flexible Direction

There’s something magical about our Strong & Flexible nylon plastics. They’re not plastic, really — they’re a fine nylon powder, melted by lasers into .12mm layers. The finished product is flexible, durable, and ideal for jewelry that takes risks, makes a statement, and shows just what 3D printing can do. That’s why, this week only, we’re offering 10% off on all jewelry printed in Strong & Flexible plastics. Whether you’re gifting, prototyping, exploring new materials and aesthetics, dyeing your own designs, or just stocking up on pieces for trade shows or holiday markets, now is the time to give this amazing material a try.

Use code SFJEWELRY at checkout to take advantage of this offer, now through Oct. 4.

What will you make? Share what you’ve printed below for a chance to be featured in the magazine. Need some inspiration? Check out these gorgeous pieces from our jewelry community:

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