3d printed Valve merchandise now on Shapeways

We’re incredibly excited to announce that, thanks to a first-of-its kind program, Valve and Shapeways are partnering up to empower our communities of creators to make and sell 3D printed, gamer-created merchandise and accessories based on Valve’s games and hardware.

Starting today, you can take advantage of a new Valve licensing agreement on Shapeways. This will not only allow you to create merch around any of Valve’s games and game assets, but also mods and accessories for hardware like the Steam Controller and Steam Link.

For Shapeways designers, this means that the Valve and Steam game communities will now have access to your products, and you can advertise and promote your Valve-related products anywhere you like.

For Valve games’ fans and Steam hardware users, we’re here to help you take your fan art into the physical world, whether you’re just learning to design for 3D printing, or have a whole set of heroes ready to bring to life.

But the really revolutionary part of this partnership is how easy it is for you to licence your products. You just upload your model to your shop (as always, make sure to use tags and accurate descriptions to make sure shoppers can find you), and you will automatically be prompted to opt in. You’ll have the option to opt out of the license if you get the prompt in error.

Once you opt in, you’re good to go. No other approvals needed. No takedowns, no missed revenue. We’ll automatically deduct a 10% royalty from sales of merchandise connected to the game franchises and send them to Valve. No royalties are deducted on accessories developed for Steam hardware. And that’s it!

Valve DOTA 2 Sniper Figurine

Sniper from DOTA 2 by designer Bilal Khan of Miniature Den

Valve Portal 2 Companion Cube Necklace

Portal 2 Companion Cube Pendant by designer Shane Smith of Sandman Artistry

We’ll feature the best of your Valve and Steam-related designs on the Shapeways + Valve hub, and we’ll be promoting some of your most amazing designs in Shapeways Magazine and on social media. We’re already seeing some cool merch inspired by DOTA 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Team Fortress 2, and Portal, but we know you’re just getting started.

We’re thrilled to be able to create a way to reward your creativity while unlocking the incredible potential of Valve’s fandoms. Check out our Valve hub for inspiration and all the nitty-gritty details of how the license works. Then, show us what you can do!