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1,000 True Fans

Kevin Kelly has done it again. In his post about 1,000 true fans he details how a designer, artist or any independent creative can make a living as long as they have 1,000 true fans. If you would like to make a living in a long tail world where anyone can make anything and anyone can design anything then please read this post. If you want to use tools such as 3D printing to make a living, then please read this post. If you are a designer, artist or creative on Shapeways, and would like to make a living on our platform, then please read this post. Or if you just want to start a business at one point, then please read this post. I don’t know how he does it but Kevin Kelly has through the morass identified and described quite possibly the most important element of becoming successful while using todays democratizing technologies. It is also a quite clear path forward for anyone wanting to turn a hobby and/or a dream into a living.

“I am suggesting there is a home for creatives in between poverty and
stardom. Somewhere lower than stratospheric bestsellerdom, but higher
than the obscurity of the long tail. I don’t know the actual true
number, but I think a dedicated artist could cultivate 1,000 True Fans,
and by their direct support using new technology, make an honest living.”

I can not stress this enough, please read this post.

Pictures under Creative Commons, Attribution. Gungue (first two), Romainguy and Notsogoodphotography (I beg to differ by the way.)

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