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CALL FOR DESIGNS: The iPhone X Needs Your Smarts

Unless you’re off the grid, you probably know that the iPhone X was unveiled today. We now know that the iPhone X means going back to the drawing board in terms of cases and accessories. Also, enticingly, it means a new world of easy 3D scanning possibilities.

As designers, how will you respond to changes to the form factor of the iPhone? We’ve always been in awe of your beautiful, functional iPhone cases, and we’re excited to see the creative ways you’ll work around the protruding camera, newly indispensable and larger power/”Home Bar” button (it now incorporates the functionality of the home button), and elongated 18.5:9 aspect ratio.

We’re equally excited to see what you’ll do with the iPhone X’s 3D scanning functionality. Most will just use this feature to unlock their phones using new facial recognition unlocking. But we know that this community will have much more interesting ideas.

So, we’re asking you to put your creativity to the test, and design, scan, and create amazing things for and with the iPhone X.

Tag your designs with @shapeways or #shapeways on Twitter or Instagram, and we’ll promote your work in a future Shapeways Magazine feature that will showcase how the Shapeways community is personalizing, remixing, and reimagining what the device can do.

Until then, happy making!

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