Print me a new kidney, please

3D Bioprinting new blood vessels or even organs may be possible in the future. A first step has been taken with the first commercial bioprinter, by Organovo. It currently prints cell structures but nobody has dared to put them in their bodies yet. So while this looks like a promising development, I’d take good care of your body just a little longer – say, 30 years or so?


  1. Michael Williams

    When will Angelina be able to print her own Ethiopian baby? On a more serious note, Kidney’s can be transplanted. I’d be more impressed if the could print spinal cord material

  2. Kristopher Reed

    The real question is when will Shapeways be offering as a material option. I think it would help me with designing my robotic implants.

  3. Nick Taylor

    If I had one of these I think I’d use it to print a brain.

    A back-up brain… a smaller one (it’s amazing what they can do these days, and apparently I only use about 10% of my brain anway)… a smaller one, but one that’s still hosted in my own body – with some sort of wire connecting them so I’m actually thinking with both of them at the same time.

    That would be cool. Then I’d separate them so my consciousness was actually residing in two different places, and then I’d put one in the fridge as a backup in case I ever damaged the other one, or wore out it out etc.

  4. David Drummond

    Print me a new liver, please.

  5. Shapeways Blog

    Researchers at University of Pennsylvania have announced a breakthrough in 3D Printing human organs, as they demonstrated how to generate blood vessels to give life to the surrounding tissue. Most previous examples of bioprinting had been limite

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