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Who Was Best in Show at NOVA Open?

Last week the Shapeways team headed to the NOVA Open in Washington, D.C. to show what our incredible community of 3D designers can do with tabletop wargaming. Here are some of the coolest people and sights we saw:

The Shapeways team and community representing 3D printing in the vendor hall!

Shane Blomberg of Gadgets + took home a Silver Medal in the Capital Palette Competition. We’re so proud:


Shane is an outstanding artist and his talent goes beyond just painting. All of his massive miniatures endeavors include 3D printing. Thankfully, he shares many of them with the community via his Shapeways shop.

tabletop wargaming warhammer 40k figurines miniatures nova open

Customized Custodian Knight by Gadgets +

tabletop wargaming warhammer 40k figurines miniatures nova open

Customized Space Wolves Knight by Gadgets +

Jeffrey Bain of Alien Luxury Miniatures designed this Con-themed ship that was given out in all the special swag bags for the VIPs. Take a look at the incredible paint job by Madeline Cockwell of Lightcraft Miniature Studios!

Madeline also took home a Silver Medal in the painting competition for her gloriously detailed Sabine:

Matt Dipietro of Contrast Miniature‘s work also really caught our eye. His miniature busts look perfectly lifelike!

Lastly, when I spotted this Rancor fighting some frogs, I was immediately thrilled. Not only because I love frogs, but also because they’re the cute little minis from Pond Wars by Eureka Miniatures.

What was your favorite part of NOVA?

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