A Rapid Prototyping and .STL Informative Guide

InstaTuts have published a guide for exporting a model from 3DS Max and printing it in ABS plastic (our ‘Grey Robust‘ material – we no longer offer ‘Cream robust’). The article contains some useful pointers for the use of 3DSMax’s STL Check Modifier and STL export function (note: Shapeways supports the more compact Binary STL file format, too!)

I found it interesting that the article refers to manifoldness as ‘the Vertex to Vertex Rule’:

What this means is that each triangle of the mesh must share 2 vertices with its adjacent triangles. For example one triangles vertex cannot lie on the side of a triangle, it must be attached to another vertex of the triangle.

There’s an image in the article that illustrates this. What do you think? Is this a clear/better explanation?

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