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3D Printed Props Revolutionize the Film Industry Landscape

Find out how the U.S. government could help you break into the film business in this piece from 3DPrint.com.

The moviemaking industry is facing radical changes as a result of the recent growth in Netflix, Amazon, and other online streaming services. At the same time, movie production costs are staggering and unprecedented, resulting from the onslaught of visual effects and rising popularity of fantasy films.

On average, visual effects cost $25 million per picture, and recent shooting in 3D adds $15 million to overall expenditures. Viewers want to see unbelievable and unrealistic portrayals of alternate realities — all of which require advanced effects, props, sound, and graphics. Since technology is constantly changing, “every director wants ‘never before seen’ so by definition a quarter of the shots if not more are going to be new and must be developed from scratch.”

Aside from advanced technology, computer programming, and superior 3D visual effects software, movie production teams are beginning to 3D print props that are more accurate, realistic, detailed, and customizable to different scenes and purposes. As a result of this new application of 3D printing, movie studios engaging in 3D printing props are eligible for….



This article reprinted with permission from 3DPrint.com. Cover image via WETA Workshop.

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