Children + Branding Irons = Christmas

Children + Branding Irons = Christmas. I’m about to set off for a two week vacation and on the cusp of leaving some awesome news reaches me. Youknowwho4eva also known as Michael Williams will be giving 75% of the money he makes with Shapeways this December until Christmas to Toys for Tots. Toys for Tots collects unwanted toys and “distribute those toys as Christmas gifts to needy children.”

Since Michael has a number of great models such as a Bic version of the BrandingIron, you can now buy a customizable Branding Iron and support children with charity Christmas gifts at the same time. Give the gift of branding! Do it for the children. Just one of the amazing things 3D printing steel can make happen for the world.

Michael is a great guy and I hope you all help him out. Michael has a beautiful water molecule and also a water ring. Michael also makes a 3D printed locking combination safe. He also has a 3D printed music box.  For more expensive purchases he has a Sterling Engine and a Thermal engine. You can check out the rest of his models here.

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  1. George Bell

    Great idea!! I’m going to brand both my kids with our home address and telephone number as a gift for Christmas! Thanks for the tip.

    Just kidding, of course. :-)

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