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This Weekend, We’re RC Crawling Across the World

That’s right! Both in Europe and USA we’ll be at RC crawling events to… well.. crawl (that is, tackle some rocky, uneven, natural terrain). Our PR Lead Lise and Community Manager Andrew are going to Hamden, Connecticut to try to Conquer the Giant. In Europe, Tijs and I will drive to Belgium for the Recon G6 (yup, the huge traveling RC crawling event is making its way from the U.S. to Europe). If you’re planning on going to either one, definitely let us know! We’ll be wearing Shapeways T-shirts, so we should be easy to spot.

EU: Recon G6 Belgium

Remember the Tamiya F-350? We’ll drive it at Recon G6 with some nice new 3D printed add-ons!

Tijs and I already took a leap into RC crawling when we participated in Walk the Trial. Recon G6 is different in that it lasts the whole weekend, offers a range of classes, and isn’t a competition. It’s more about tackling challenging terrain. The awesome (and reliable) Shapeways Tamiya F-350 will be our car of choice. G6 legend Brian Parker, the organizer of the event, sets up intense RC crawling courses. We can’t wait to crawl them, but we’re also looking forward to meeting an icon of RC crawling.

U.S.: Conquer the Giant

Lise and her Traxxas TRX-4, ready for the weekend.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, don’t miss my colleague Lise and her adventures with her new Traxxas TRX-4 in our Learning to Crawl series. Her initial test-drives were a little rough, but crawling in Fredericksburg, Virginia and Upstate New York has allowed her to prep for the challenge in Hamden, Connecticut. She and partner in crime Andrew will head to Sleeping Giant State Park for Conquer the Giant, the largest scale competition in Connecticut, which is hosted by CT Scalers. Don’t forget your bug spray, Lise!

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