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SkyBox Labs Gives “Tastee” Tournament Winners a 3D Printed Trophy

Here at Shapeways, we love all kinds of games, whether physical or digital. So when we found out that SkyBox Labs decided to make 3D trophies for tournaments in their game “Tastee: Lethal Tactics,” we were super excited to learn more.

video games Steam 3D printed video game accessories


This is the first original game from SkyBox, which has its headquarters outside Vancouver. Previously the studio ported “Halo 5: Forge” to Windows 10, and is one of the studios helping out with the massive task of unifying “Minecraft” across all platforms, announced at this year’s E3.

“Tastee” is a simultaneous turn-based strategy game set in a world of grimy outcasts, ruthless mercenaries, and lawless misfits. You play the handler of this motley crew, carrying out missions of questionable legality in order to save the world from crime.

Naturally, one of the most fun parts of games like this is waging war against other players. So SkyBox wanted to increase community engagement by offering tournaments, and offering prizes to the top performers.

The best prize (in our opinion) is a beautiful trophy, styled after the “Tastee” logo and printed in Shapeways Metallic Plastic. Below you can see some of the early concept art:

video games Steam 3D printed video game accessories

In a post on Gamasutra, SkyBox marketing manager Matt Linsangan describes the design process for the trophy:

Not only could we upload and view the 3D model of our trophy, but the Shapeways software also analyzed the model and filled in parts of the mesh that might have been trouble to print. Shapeways’ whole ordering process was seamless and the model arrived intact, looking simply stunning.

Here is the finished trophy in the hands of Tastee player ubq, who won the community event:

video games Steam 3D printed video game accessories


If you’re a fan of games like “Frozen Synapse or maybe “X-COM: Enemy Unknown,” “Tastee: Lethal Tactics” will be right up your alley. It’s available on Steam for $14.99. As of this writing, it has 111 reviews and a “Very Positive” user rating. And more tournaments are on the horizon, including a chance to play against the game’s developers.

Which video games that you play would you like to see offering a 3D printed trophy for tournament winners? Let us know in the comments.

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