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A new designer is shaping Shapeways

  Introducing me: Arnoud van der Velden

Probably you already noticed the new homepage, some flashy banners or other new designs on the website, well that’s me! For about 6 weeks I’m the new graphic/multimedia designer @ Shapeways so I decided it was time to throw myself in the community of Shapeways.

I was born in 1983 when jean jacket’s and the NES where cool, so I’m 26 years old now.
I was born and raised in the worldknown (NOT) Geldrop, a village near Eindhoven in the Netherlands where I still live now. I studied Communication & Design for 4 years, and after that in 2008 I gained my bachelor for the study ICT & Media Design in 3,5 years.

I love to design anything with Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash, Indesign, Premiere and have some basic experience in 3D Studio Max. I’m also interested in internet marketing, photography, animation & interaction design.

I like (besides designing all kinds of stuff) hanging out with my friends or my girlfriend, drinking some beers and watch football, watching movies/HBO series, playing football, listening to progressive trance (I really like Markus Schulz and Deadmau5). I also like to listen to The Killers, Audio Bullys, The Streets, The Kooks, Matisyahu and Coldplay (among others ;).

So here I am now, my first job is at Shapeways and I like it here. My job is to manage the design of the website and all other forms of creative communication. Also I’m being included in brainstorming about new models, themes and many other things so it’s very versatile. Very cool to be part of such an innovating and young company.

With my software knowledge combined with my creative thoughts I hope to contribute alot in pushing Shapeways to the next level.

Well, that’s me in a 300-and-something-words-nutshell!

As the newest member of the Shapeways team I’d like to add that I would be happy to answer any questions or help with generating new idea’s!

Thanks for reading đŸ˜‰

Grtz Arnoud

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