New monkey baby – we’ll call it White Strong & Flexible

I’m sure you remember Bart’s Monkey
Babies post
from 2 months ago. Today we are proud to announce the birth of a
new addition to the monkey family: now in vibrant white SLS!
We’ll call it White Strong & Flexible.

As a 3D designer, you will be interested in the flexible nature of
this material, opening up new possibilities such as including live hinges
or springs in your design. EOS was so kind to provide us with an interesting example.

In short, if you are looking for a flexible material that is
vibrant white, that is strong (though less than Cream Robust) and
which has a very nice level of detail (though just short of White Detail), then White
Strong & Flexible is for you. Also good to know, it’s even more
affordable than the already existing 3D printing materials we offer!

That’s it for now – I now have to take care of my new baby

Have a creative weekend, cheers,

Jochem de Boer

CMO Shapeways

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