Delivery times Stainless Steel reduced to 14 working days

Our delivery times for Stainless Steel models have been reduced by a third. Because you guys ordered so much Stainless Steel, investments have been made in machines and people. Instead of 21 working days you can now get your models in 14 working days. 14 working days, anywhere on the planet. Considering that the process itself takes five days, I’d say that was pretty awesome. It is our hope that this will make it easier for people to order Shapeways gifts for birthdays and other events. 14 working days and $25 is all that separates you or your loved one from an AMazeRing Tower by Whystler. Act now, while stocks last! 



  1. Michael Williams

    I can’t wait for the day when I have a little printer on my desk, and I can pay the markup and print it on my desk… Maybe some day.

    1. Magic

      You are right Michael, when the delay will go down from 14 days to 14 seconds, you will just have invented the 3D fax! Let’s go further and imagine the mobile 3D fax:
      “Hello Mike, I am stuck in front of my house: I forgot my keys at your place. Can you please send me a copy of them at my mobile 3D fax number?”
      Teleportation is not so far…
      In the meantime, reducing the delay rom 21 to 14 working days is a nice move, Joris. :-)

    2. Joris

      Right now it is “Tea, Earl Grey, Hot”, wait some weeks, tea magically appears with help from person in brown van.

      This is suboptimal but we’re working on it.

      My biggest hope for mini portable 3D printers is that they work on USB and I can charge them with same cable I use for my phone. Although, I’d love to make anything anywhere with a small portable device I don’t think I could stand taking another charging cable with me.

  2. Benno Kruit

    That’s fantastic! Gives us more time for Christmas present designs :)

    “Act now, while stocks last!” – Actually very funny, because the awesome thing about 3D printing is that there _are no stocks_!

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