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The Insider’s Guide to Historicon

We’ve built the terrain. We’ve painted the tanks. And we’re ready for Historicon! But are you? As the Shapeways Historicon team packs up and gets ready to head down to Fredericksburg, Virginia, we’re bringing you our top picks for what not to miss at the con.

Historicon is more than just a reason to soak up some Fredericksburg history. It’s North America’s largest historical wargaming convention, with four days of intense gaming, hobby workshops, lectures, and lots of other events. We‘re excited to be showcasing our amazing community’s 3D printed (and hand-painted!) products, and we’ll be putting those designs to work over four days of gaming/nerding out over military history.

Base Camp: The Shapeways Booth

We’ll be featuring the work of some of our favorite Shapeways wargaming designers, like the Panzer tank below by Arctic Skunk (painted by James Wappel). Plus, you’ll get to check out the terrain and bits we prepped just for Historicon AND sign up for a chance to win $100 in Shapeways credit!

Let the Wargames Begin: What to watch or play each day

Thursday, 7/13

T-384 DAK and Dragons Theme World War II; 10 AM

WWII, ruins, and desert dragons? Let’s go!

Length: 4 hrs; Hosted by: Miles Reidy; Scale: 28mm; Rules: Donnybrook (modified); Prize: Beyond the dreams of avarice; No. of Players: 8. It’s October, 1942 and in the remote Libyan desert strange new Egyptian ruins have been discovered via aerial reconnaissance. There’s something ominous about these ruins as it’s got both the Axis and the Allies sending teams racing to discover what lies hidden there. DAK and Dragons is THE historical simulation that answers the age old question, can a Panzer III take on a dragon? You’ll command a team of crack troops that will explore both the ruins and the catacombs under them. Sign on for fun and adventure. Kids are welcome if accompanied by a parent guardian

Friday, 7/14

F-362 Raid on Deerfield, 1704 French & Indian War; 3 PM

Icy chill, hand-to-hand combat, and nighttime raids promise amazing terrain and a nail-biting pace.

Length: 4 hrs; Hosted by: Mike Stelzer; Scale: 28mm; Rules: Song of Drums and Tomahawks; Sponsor: First Command Wargames; No. of Players: 8. A force of French and Indian raiders surprise the Massachusetts town of Deerfield with a night time, winter raid during Queen Anne’s War. High snow drifts against the wooden palisade allow Indians to climb over and attack the unsuspecting residents. Players control either townsfolk or raiders in this desperate, man-to-man skirmish. Fast-play, man-to-man skirmish rules

Saturday, 7/15

S-107 Battletech – Grinder 1 SciFi; 11 AM

New to wargaming? Into SciFi? Living breathing human? Theres a spot at this table for all who wish to fight.

Length: 2 hrs; Hosted by: Dave Yingling; Scale: 1/285; Rules: Total Warfare; No. of Players: 8. The Grinder is a free for all Battletech Demo game where new (or returning) players will be taught using the Introductory Rules. You start out with a Light Mech and as you die, you advance up to the next weight class. All materials, miniatures and dice will be provided. Beginner Friendly & Rules Taught

Hobby University: Get better at the hobby side of wargaming

Thursday, 7/13

HU 101: Painting for Complete Beginners

When it comes to wargaming, painting is half the fun. Learn how at this intro session.

Thursday 10:00 AM, 1.5 Hrs Students receive one primed 25mm miniature to paint and keep. Class covers prepping a figure, basic painting equipment, priming, color blocking, dry brushing and basic washes. Instructor: Todd Pressley

Saturday, 7/15

HU 149: Building Ships and Shipwrecks

Battles on the high seas mean amazing historic ships, and of course, shipwrecks. Make some seaworthy bits in this session.

Saturday 2:00 PM, 1.5 Hrs Have you got some great pirate minis just dying for a boat of their own? Or do you just need a shipwreck for your playing table? This is the class for you. We’ve got some techniques that are pretty impressive. Instructor: Don Goddard

Learn Something: Wartime Lectures

Poster Boy for wickedness, or Paragonof Warlords – Zhang Zongchang, the Dog Meat General, (1881-1932)

There’s something chilling and incredibly compelling about legendary warlord Zhang Zongchang. Learn about his life and crimes at this Friday afternoon lecture.

Friday 1:00 PM, 1.5 Hrs Speaker: John P. Dunn, History professor at Valdosta State University teaches one of the most infamous generals during China’s era of the Junfa. Zhang Zongchang, rose up from an impoverished childhood of crime to lead a brutal and flamboyant life, whom Time Magazine called “the basest man in China!”

What are you most looking forward to at Historicon? Let us know in the comments and we’ll make sure to check it out!


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