Christmas Bell printed on an EOS 3D printer

EOS Selective Laser Sintering is the 3D printer technology behind our White, Strong & Flexible machines. EOS gave us a the cutest little gift last time we visited them, a tiny working Christmas bell. The sound is not perfect yet but the idea is a great one. For some reason I never even considered that you could make sound with 3D printed things. Duh! Amazingly, just a few days ago YouKnowWho4Eva uploaded a Co-Creator Christmas Bell meant to be 3D printed in Stainless Steel that you can personalize.  


  1. Michael Williams

    Must be part of the holiday spirit.

  2. Stephanie P

    Can you bring one for the tree this christmas?

    1. Joris Peels


      We only have one at the office and we don’t have the file.

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