Scanning Stories: Making 3D Selfies with Itseez3D for iPad

Our Scanning Stories duo has made 3D selfies in a scanning booth and with a handheld scanner. This time, they are excited to discover what’s possible with a cloud-based iPad app.

We attended De Fabrik op Sontag, a Dutch maker fair that came to Den Bosch last month, to scan people with the Itseez3D app for iPad.

We have been using Itseez3D quite a lot recently and are very happy with the results.

In addition to the iPad camera, Itseez3D also requires an external camera: either the Structure Sensor (which we’ve written about before, in concert with Skanect, also from Occipital) or the Intel RealSense camera.

The Itseez3D app is free and does most of its work in the cloud —and you can create and view high-resolution 3D scans without having to pay for them. Exporting scans for 3D modeling or printing now costs $7 per model, and for power users and businesses Itseez3D offers paid monthly plans that come with a certain number of exports as well as support and priority processing.

It’s important to set up your scanning station in a place with good and even lighting. At the fair, we worked outside under a tent, with supplementary electric lights.

When you launch the Itseez3D app, you can choose between scanning an object, a bust, a full body, or part of a room.

After you select bust or full body, you’ll see a red oval frame. Line up the red oval with your subject’s face and follow the instructions on the bottom of the iPad screen.

Areas that have been thoroughly scanned will turn white, so you can see if you’ve missed any spots.

Itseez offers two viewing modes. A low-resolution Local Preview will take less than a minute to generate, but the results are not representative of the full capabilities of Itseez3D. When you have access to wifi, select Cloud Processing, and in 15 minutes you’ll have a stunning high-definition render.

People are always in awe when they see themselves on the screen in 3D.

Here is a preview of a scanned model in 3D:

You can rotate it yourself on Itseez3D.

Before downloading a file, Itseez lets you hollow out your 3D model in one click, place a pedestal underneath the bust or feet, and upload your model to Sketchfab for free.

You can also scale your model to the desired height. One nice feature of the app allows you to see upfront the realtime height of the person you scanned so you can also scale proportionally.

We are big fans of Itseez3D and will continue to use it.

Have you tried scanning yourself or someone else with Itseez3D? Tell us how it went in the comments.

Or do you have any questions about how to get started? Leave us a comment; we’re happy to help!

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