New Stainless Steel Braille Co-Creator keychain and cufflinks

We’ve been testing out some more braille 3D prints that we really like. We’re working on the intersection of Co-Creation & Stainless Steel 3D printing and coming up with things that we think are very good products.

Meet my new Braille keychain.  $38, not bad, right?


  Yes, we really really like cufflinks

We really really like them. These are $49 including the customization. 


    1. paul

      can you still make the braille keyring as i would like to buy one thanks

  1. Michael Williams

    Don’t know braileze either, but couldn’t the cufflinks mean something different if not oriented properly?

  2. Gold Bangles

    I like the Brailled cuff links and I also hope they have an amicable meaning. Cuff links do make a great choice in terms of gifts. Can the ones above be a good gift to a blind friend?

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