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5 Dad Jokes-Inspired Ideas for Father’s Day

Ah, dad jokes. Heyo! They keep us cringing, keep our eyes rolling… and remind us of why we love our fathers, cheesy uncles, or whoever plays dad in our lives. In honor of Father’s Day, here are five of our favorite dad jokes-inspired picks. Just grab a gift card for your old man and send him these suggestions, complete with dad jokes of their own. We virtually guarantee he’ll find them funny.

1. “Why do golfers always carry two pairs of pants with them? Just in case they get a hole in one.”

Desk Golf set by Urbano Rodriguez

2. “People keep telling me to take a chill pill. I tell people, ‘Will that make you any less annoying?'”

Chill Pill Ring by Modern Basic

Grumpy dads, unite!

3. “I’m all about fitness. Fittin’ ‘dis whole pizza in my mouth!”

Fitness Weight Necklace by Health Nut

4. “How do you fix a broken pizza? With tomato paste.”

Bonus dad joke:

“Why did the hipster burn his mouth? He ate pizza before it was cool.”

Pizza Charm by Luv Fit Jewelry

5. “They used to make these for cats, and now they make them for young people. I guess the internet turned you all into cats.”

Fidget Beads by MyGadgetLife

Ok, Dad was right about that last one.

Tell us your best/worst dad jokes in the comments. And don’t forget to give Dad the gift of… anything he wants.

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