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Co-Create Christmas Contest

From today until December 4th we will be having a Co-Create Christmas Contest for you. We had a huge number of entries for the Metal Inspiration contest and we hope for as many awesome models this time too!

The combination of 3D printing technology and our Co-Creation Platform means that there is endless scope to make things together with your customers. There is also a potentially infinite number of ways and products that you as a customer could in some way help design. We do know that designing a Co-Creator Template is different from just making a model. It is more difficult because you have to think of the interaction with the customer and what would be fun for them to customize. But, we really want to stimulate more of you to develop Co-Creators.

Mathijs has come up with several really interesting things in an attempt to inspire you. His two Christmas tree ornaments use 3D printing and the white powdered look of White, Strong & Flexible for a nice effect. The “put your name on the ornament” idea came from us learning that in countries such as the States a lot of people gave Christmas tree ornaments to friends and family. The Christmas Ball with tree & Christmas Ball with Snowman are fun products, affordable and the customization ‘makes sense.’

Having said that, the “add text” customization & personalization is rather conceptually limiting. There are better ideas out there, and we know you will find them. The Weather Bracelet, shows us that very different ideas and concepts are possible. We hope that through this contest you will be inspired to combine Christmas cheer with great 3D printed products and ideas.

Enter by adding the tag: Co-creating Christmas to you model and adding your model to the Christmas gallery on upload. To be eligible to win the model must be a Co-Creator template. Here is a mini-tutorial showing you how to make a Co-Creator template. The entries will be judged on their Christmas cheer by a panel of
Shapeways Community member judges. If you would like to nominate a
judge for this panel, please email me at joris (at) First placed entry will win $300 in 3D printing, second place $100, third place $50. You can see all the entries on the Christmas page.      

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