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Through your feedback, we’ve learned that our jewelry designers in particular depend on Shapeways to provide inventory for their businesses. So, we made it a priority to make it easier for you to stock your shelves.

Starting today, we’re offering Quantity Discounts on large orders of a single model in the majority of our cast metals (with the exception of pure gold and platinum, though plated items will receive discounts). These bulk discounts will be given according to this simple breakdown:

Order Size  |  Discount

26 – 50  |  5% off

51 – 100  |  10% off

101+  |  15% off

Not only will this give jewelry designers an edge, it will also enable Shapeways’ vast community of personal accessories designers, scale modelers, and décor creators to scale up their businesses.

How does it work?

When you place an order for more than 25 units of a model in one of the covered cast metals (pure gold and platinum are excluded), your Quantity Discount will be automatically applied at checkout.

Why just cast metals?

This is just the beginning. As we’re able to negotiate lower bulk discount rates with our materials and services suppliers, we’ll expand Quantity Discounts to other materials.

Let us know if there’s anything else we can do to help your businesses thrive. We’re here to support your creativity, at every scale.


Cover image: San Francisco Cityscape – Skyline Statement Ring by Shekhtwoman Ytzor Tabaot

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