Medical scans of people turned into art

I happened upon the CT scan art of Dr. Kai Hung Fung. He colorizes CT scans of people and body parts and the ensuing images look amazing. You can check out a high resolution gallery here

The thumbnail is based on a medical 3D workstation scan of the human heart. He uses the scan and then some software to automatically asign colors to the scan. The results are pretty and trippy.   


  1. crsdfr

    As an extension to this – its possible to create 3D models direct from CT Scan DICOM data. I’ve made a few for various surgeries.

    Some people look to immortalize those they love – I’ve done several that came from CT Scans of patients just before they passed away and made the models. Its remarkable how lifelike the end results are, and its an incredibly emotional experience for the customer. Theres nothing quite like having a fully grown man start to break down in the middle of your engineering firm when he sees the model of his grandfather realized. Powerful stuff.

    I’ll post a guide one day for doing it.

    1. Tom Severino

      Hello, I am trying to turn a CT scan in DICOM format into a volume useable by Shapeways. Could you please give me some advice on how to do this? Thank you.

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