Results with the existing finishing technique, left, and the new, improved polishing process, right (pictured: Bracelet Bluups Origami R by Bluups)

One of the biggest constants for our community (and anyone using 3D printing) is the desire for smoother finishes on your products. We are right there with you, so we’re incredibly excited to announce a new polishing process that will make your Black (including HP Black), Red, and Blue Strong & Flexible plastic 3D prints look and feel better than ever — with no added cost or production time.

This new finishing technique is made possible through a partnership with DyeMansion, whom we’ve worked with to improve polishing and dyeing results using their automated Powershot S finishing system. You’ll see surfaces that are smoother, subtly glossier, more scratch-resistant, and more consistent in hue, making this finish perfect for Strong & Flexible personal accessories like phone cases and jewelry.

The existing finish, left, and the new, glossier finish, right (pictured: the Prism Ring by Catherine De Bosscher)

If you’re part of our Shapeways Beta group (click here to check), this new finish is available starting today. When you order your own models in Black, Red, or Blue Strong & Flexible plastic (or HP Black Strong & Flexible), you’ll automatically receive products finished using this new technique. If you’d like to take part, but you’re not already in the Shapeways Beta group, you can join by opting in through your profile settings. You can switch back to the old process at any time by leaving the beta group (just uncheck the box).

Jake Stollery’s Data in Exile Parallax Glasses showing off their new sheen

If you love this new finish as much as we do, we’ll be expanding the technique to other colors in the Strong & Flexible plastics family. But, we’ll need your feedback to ensure that it’s everything it can be.

So join the Beta now, and make sure to let us know what you think!


Featured homepage image also includes the Bow Tie Mustache by UTB.