Alexander Pelikan 3D printed door handles

We worked with Alexander Pelikan last year with his Machine’s Perception project. This year Alex came up with 3D printed doorhandles for a project he did with TNO (a dutch research institute). The designs are based on the perception of the 3D scanner and I think they make lovely objects for in the home. We tried to 3D print one in Stainless Steel for him but sadly the model he wanted to print was too thin. We’ll try again soon. You can check out a lot of Alex’s work on his website PeliDesign.


  1. Michael Williams

    Poo, I’ve been thinking of doing this, but haven’t found the drive to do it.

    1. Joris Peels

      I do think they will work as products though.

      Design door handles and door knobs are expensive. You could make a 3D printed steel door handle plus backing for about $250-350. That is a lot of money but comparable design label doorhandles are much more expensive still.


  2. Michael Williams

    My thoughts on it exactly. We went to buy a door handle a month ago, and the cheapest were around $70. The most expensive were around $300 not including the ones with punch pads that were around $1000

  3. Stijn van der Linden

    Wow, that is so amazingly simple and cool!
    Those are some truly awesome designs :-)
    A wee bit out of my price-range, but still very nice ;-)

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