The winners of our Metal Inspiration contest are….

With 240 entries for our Metal Inspiration contest our jurors Martin Baumers, Bathsheba Grossman and Rob Mack had a tough time of it. But, they did manage to choose our winners for the 3 categories.

In the Technology category the third placed person is…Stijn van der Linden, Virtox with Hypotrochoid Gears.

The second place goes to Smaller Buggy by Jiovanie Velazquez. “Nice little car, very likeable, impressive demonstration of the technological state” of 3D printing.

In first place is Bottle Opener Compact by aeron23. The jury mentioned that, “very appropriate material/technology choice. The text is customized,
metal is the correct material and the design is appealing. A special
and useful object!”

In the jewelery category Madox (John Chan) took third place with his Propeller Hat Cufflink

wuct88 (Chitian Wu) took second place with Fractal Geometry Ornament.

Eeppium (Erno Mattila) took first place with his skull ring.

In the Art category wuct88 (Chitian Wu) took third place with his Cup.”A classic subject, relatively untried in 3D Printing, and skillfully modeled.”

In second place was Inlite (Blair Collins) with Dragon. “This is what 3D printing should do.  It’s modeled very freely.  But it’s fun and funny and would be difficult to make any other way.”

In first place was Whystler (Shawn T. Johnson) with Metal Wand. “A good idea, well executed, and ready for market.  It looks tactile and satisfying, with a material and weight that work well, and it comes in at a good price point.  This is a solid hit squarely in the design space of the medium.”

Congrats to all the winners! 3rd placed winners get $50 in 3D printing, 2nd place $100 and first placed get $100. Thank you so much also for our jury!


  1. Fx

    now we can’t wait to know who are the winners of the Bonzai 3D contest :-)

  2. George Bell

    Congratulations to all the winners!! It was a lot of fun browsing all the designs.

  3. T. Shawn Johnson

    Whaaa!? No way! Thank you! :) Geez there was a lot of tough competition out there. Those judges had their work cut out for them.


  4. wuct88

    Hey there~
    It’s so happy for me to receive this honor,I thank you all the people who working on this platform.The assessments the great artists and those staffs,Thank you for your support.
    By the way ,congratulation to the other winner~well done! :D


  5. Rob Parthoens

    Congrats to the winners:)
    Great designs all around :)


  6. Stijn van der Linden

    Wow, guys, thanks ! :-)
    And congratulations to the other winners !
    I enjoyed this contest, great entries !!

  7. Blair collins

    Thanks guys! I dont know what else to say, Im so freakin happy! And the other designs are fantastic, first place getters well deserved :D

  8. Erno Mattila

    Awesome! Thank you so much for voting me :-)
    congratulations to all winners!

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