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This Weekend, Walk the Trial is the Ultimate Off-Road RC Gathering

Hundreds of RC car enthusiasts will gather near Antwerp this weekend for Walk the Trial XV, guiding their remote-controlled 4WD vehicles over rocks, mud, and other rough terrain in the Belgian countryside. Shapeways will be there, too, sponsoring a Build-Off and showing off RC cars built using Shapeways 3D printed components.

Walk the Trial (yes, that’s trial, not trail) begins on Sunday, May 21, at 8:00 in the morning, and results of the Build-Off competition will be announced at 12:15pm. The three best built cars in the Build-Off will receive credit at Shapeways so they can further customize their prize-winning four-wheelers.

Anyone whose RC car includes parts made at Shapeways can show off their vehicles at the Shapeways booth in the parking lot of the Kattenbroek sports club. We won’t have a tent, since the organizers, who are known as the Demolition Team, are expecting 280 participants and with such a crowd spaces are reserved “only for 1:1 scale vehicles.” But we will be there in force. And be sure to come by for drinks as the day winds down.

Here are some videos from previous Walk the Trials:



Have you Walked the Trial before? Tell us about your experience in the comments.

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