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Switching It Up: Accessories for Your Nintendo Switch

Without a doubt, the hottest video game console right now is the Nintendo Switch. Gamers love its portability and striking look, but the design of the controllers and charging dock have been a major point of criticism. A few Shapeways designers have put themselves to the task of making the game console even better.

3D Printed Arrow Joycon Grip with two joycons attached

The Arrow Joycon Grip by Edrice

When removed from the screen of the Switch, the controllers are minuscule, even for those with smaller-than-normal hands. The Arrow Joycon Grip aims to remedy that. By latching onto the docking section of the joycons, the grip gives your hands more to hold onto, while setting off both joycons at the angle familiar from controllers on classic game controllers. The result feels natural and comfortable.

Joycon Knuckles for Nintendo Switch

Joycon Knuckles by The Engineer

Ever since shooting down a pixelated duck with a bright orange gun, I’ve wanted to look cool while playing video games. Well, thanks to the Engineer, you can totally look like a rough-and-tumble hombre even while playing the silliest mini-games in 1-2-Switch. However, the Engineer cautions against “using this for evil,” since it was designed only for playing video games. But if Nintendo ever releases a Punch-Out!! for the Switch, these will be amazing.

Travel Dock for Nintendo Switch

Travel Dock by Edgar Pons

When you charge the Switch, its bulky charging dock covers the Switch screen, rendering the device unplayable unless you connect it to a TV. And since the Switch only gets about three hours of game time undocked, it’s a problem when you’re trying to explore a vast open world as in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. So Shapeways designer Edgar Pons created smaller dock with cutouts for all the ports that allows full playability. Some disassembly of the original dock is required, but Edgar provides a link to a YouTube video showing you how on the product page.

If you’ve got an accessory for your favorite gaming device that you’d like to show off, link to it in the comments!

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