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3D Printed Iphone Dock

Shapeways community member Asher Nahmias (aka dizingof) had a problem. He bought a nice new iPhone and a protective case to go with it. The problem? The iPhone + case would not fit in any of the standard charging blocks and stands. So he, “designed a dock that can charge any iPhone with any skin or protective
case – simply insert the charging cable you received with the Iphone
from below and glue it – and you’re done.”

The resulting universal iPhone dock can be integrated into a home theater system or be used as a stand alone dock. The unit simply attaches to your iPhone cable. Asher is, “very happy with the result, I increased the height of the design a
little bit by another centimeter so that any charging cable will fit in the design.” Asher’s iPhone dock is an elegant solution to a design problem. These kinds of little problems will increasingly be solved using 3D printing. The best thing is that at $23 the is solution also an affordable one. Yes, we can all dream of a world where everyone can make everything anywhere. But, this is what you can do right now.

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