Shapeways to the next level!

Dear Shapies,

today we launched our new look and feel of the website, of which we are all very proud. It is a nice moment, to share a little of the process with you.

In January this year we started the process to develop our own brand, including name, personality and look and feel. It was a fun process which we tried to do using as much input from people inspired by the Shapeways idea as possible. The first deliverable from the sessions was our new name: Shapeways. We also gave our brand a lot of thought and this all came together (being an internet service) in the look and feel of our portal, together with some new features.

The new look and feel was ready in April. Now our partner iBuildings had to implement it for us. This was a lot of work, as our new look also changed the functionality quite significantly. Look for instance at the new way the pictures of “you and your design” are displayed next to the 3D model. As I felt very passionate about the new look, I could not wait for it to be ready to launch.

Today we were able to release it and I really hope you all like our new look and website as much as we do and you have fun using our service and explore the exiting new possibilities that 3D printing offers to you.

kind regards,

CEO Shapeways

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