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Mechs and Monsters: Make Your Favorite Tabletop Games Even Better

We might be fashionably late for International Tabletop Day, but there’s still time to share some of the hottest new TTGs on the market right now — and how 3D printing can make them even better.

Silent Legions: Create Your Own Cthulhu-Style Mythos, Then Play It

Cthulhu Lovecraft monster
Silent Legions is a sandbox-style pen-and-paper RPG oozing with Lovecraftian horror. It was summoned by 1,000+ Kickstarter backers, who performed an eldritch ritual to bring it to this plane.

Silent Legions is nothing but rulebooks and its creator encourages players to make their own dark gods and monsters. Fortunately, Lovecraftian horrors are in no short supply at the Shapeways marketplace, or you can conjure up your own horrors and create a 3D model to give people nightmares forever. Fun!

Scythe: I’ve Got a 40-Foot Tank, Don’t Make Me Use It!

battling mechs in the tabletop game Scythe
If you’re into board games and were alive in 2016, there’s no doubt you’ve heard of Scythe. This massive tabletop blends strategy, resource management, and, coolest of all, giant mech combat in such a unique way that its Kickstarter campaign raised $1.77 million more than asked for. While the game comes with some nice mech miniatures, Shapeways has much more imposing mechs. And every mech in Scythe has different abilities, so you can have up to 20 different kinds of awesome and imposing titans scattered across the board.

Blood Rage: It’s the End of the World As We Know It…

two 3D printed Norse god miniatures for the tabletop game Blood Rage
Blood Rage is a board game that almost requires you to listen to heavy metal while playing it. Ragnarok has come, and five different Viking clans have decided to secure their place in Valhalla before the world is consumed in fire and calamity. They do so by ravaging the countryside and slaying their enemies. In the course of the chaos, you can recruit famous Norse monsters like sea serpents and fire giants. However, there’s a real lack of dragons here, even though Norse mythology has its fair share. Thankfully, so does Shapeways and these dragons look every bit as amazing as the Blood Rage minis.

Do you have a game you’d like to see expanded through 3D printing? Did we break these games by making them more awesome? Let us know in the comments!

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