A while back, Karlijn Postma, a designer from Hogeschool van de Kunsten Utrecht, reached out to Shapeways. Karlijn has a mission: to create a different perspective on our consumer society. So, this September, she’ll start a 12-month-long trip through Europe with her mobile maker space, the Creative Roadtrip Campervan. But, she’s not quite ready to hit the road yet, and she needs our (community’s) help.

Meet Karlijn:

Her Vision

Karlijn believes that our consumption-driven society can change if people simply get involved in the manufacturing process of the products they use. Let’s be honest; if you work hard on making something good and useful, it’s very unlikely that you’ll throw it away. As she crosses Europe, every month she’ll drive to a different city where she’ll host workshops teaching 3D design and printing, silkscreening, and ceramics — all methods for easily creating customized objects you use in daily life.

Join the Journey

Karlijn is inviting people to join her as she crosses Europe (find out more here), and if you happen to be near one of her stops, she’ll be hosting a Shapeways Meetup in every city she visits. She’ll drive to Nantes, Bilbao, Porto, Lisbon, Malaga, Valencia, Napels, Bologna, Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Oslo, ending her journey in Bergen, Norway. Definitely check out her program if you’re close to one of these cities. We’ll also announce the Meetup dates soon, so stay tuned!

Karlijn with her handmade ceramic plate

Join the Movement

Even if you don’t get a chance to learn 3D design, silkscreen a shirt, or handcraft ceramics with Karlijn, you can still join the movement for a more sustainable way of life by supporting her crowdfunding campaign. And, if you get a chance to spend some time on the Creative Roadtrip, don’t forget to share your best travel stories and favorite creations with us!

Karlijn holding one of her ceramic longdrink designs