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Shapeways at the Dutch Design Week 2009 in Eindhoven

From the 17th until the 25th of October Dutch Design Week will be in Eindhoven. It is the biggest design event in the Netherlands and I always find it very inspiring. So, inspiring in fact that I bought my 6ft green Dolphin there last year.

Shapeways will be at Strijp S in the Klokgebouw at Strijp Speelt throughout the week. This is a play area for kids where we will be having fun with our Stampmakers. We will also be participating in the Design and Technology tour at the High Tech Campus. If you want to come on by to meet us, we’d love to meet you.

If you are a designer in the Eindhoven area we also highly recommend two workshops on Intellectual Property and designers during DDW. One by Ernst-Jan Louwers shows you how you as a designer can protect your IP. In the other Maarten Haak explains IP lawsuits.

If you are coming to DDW you should check out Shapeways community member Jan van Eck, a Perk Interior Design student. He is exhibiting his graduation project on the Perk Interieur graduation exhibit. He printed the exhibit using Shapeways. His model shows how Jan would through architecture and design encourage integration and how through using multi functional furniture the space can be used optimally.

Another community member you should check out is Bas van der Veer, his website is here. Bas is graduating from the Design Academy and is exhibiting his water tank “A Drop of Water” at the Design Academy Graduation 2009. His beautiful and functional design collects rainwater and comes with a built in removable watering can that you can refill directly from the tank. The watering can sprinkling head and the mechanical parts of the tap were 3D printed using Shapeways. 

We’re so proud that both Jan & Bas used us to print their graduation assignments!

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