Last week I went to the IPMS Spring Show in Seattle to talk about 3D designing for scale models and had the opportunity to walk around the floor and look at the scale model competition. I was blown away.

1. A view of the floor. The IPMS show took up two whole basketball courts, both packed with models.


2. Detail of a jet taking off. I love the suggestion of action on the guy’s shirt here.


3. The water effects around this racing ship are astounding.


4. I really loved this model of Starlord escaping from a massive monster. The jet trail that holds the ship up stretches all the way back under the creature!


5. A spectator admiring the out-of-this-world details on this art history-inspired piece.


6. The interior engine parts of this crashed plane were all custom-made, some 3D printed!


7. These soldiers on lookout are so well integrated into this amazing, lush diorama.


8. Even the scale models need a smoking break after taking in all the breathtaking details of the show.