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Significant Discount on large White, Strong & Flexible models

Until the 10th of October we will be offering you a significant discount on large White, Strong & Flexible models. You can calculate your discount using the hyper-mega-awesome-discount-calculator-tool(its an Excel sheet). You can download that here.

If you order a model, in White, Strong & Flexible, that is above $500 then you will get a 25% discount.

Any amount above $1000 gets you a 75% discount.

For example: if you purchase a model costing $3000, you would get a discount of $1625 and pay $1375. 25% discount over the amount above 500, and 75% over the amount above 1000. 

This discount is valid for the first 50 models. email, put Think Big in your subject line and include a
link to the model or a model name that you would like to order in the
email. The discount will be over the price of the 3D printing not the
mark up portion of the amount that goes to the designer.

So why are we doing this until October 10th?
We’ve been thinking and tinkering a lot with our pricing model lately.
We know a lot of you would like to make larger things but are being
held back by cost. We also think that if people see larger 3D printed
objects they will be inspired to make lots of things that are not yet
on Shapeways.

models do cost a lot more to make because they take up more space and
time in the 3D printers. But, larger models equal bigger orders. And
one large model worth $2000 requires less handling, cleaning etc. than
500 smaller models that would cumulatively equal the same amount.

is an experiment, to see if you guys love this, to see if this
stimulates you to Think Big, to see if after we do all the production
and then the math our assumptions on pricing will turn out to be true.
We know that not everyone has a few thousand or a few hundred dollars,
right now, that they can spend on 3D printing. Even though we can
understand if you’re sorely tempted by a Geary Cube, a captured heart or a Fractal Conch.
But, we hope that the few people that do take advantage of this help us
all learn on how to make Shapeways cheaper for everyone.

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