glass 3D printing: Vitraglyphic

University of Washington’s Solheim Rapid Manufacturing Laboratory, and Professor Mark Ganter are at it again. The same people, the same University that just months ago brought us Ceramic 3D printing have now come up with glass 3D printing.

Professor Ganter is a Shapeways community member and announces ceramics 3D printing and glass 3D printing breakthroughs on our forum which is one of the most ridiculously flattering things ever to happen to us.

In the press release Mark is quoted as saying, “”It became clear that if we could get a material into powder form at about 20 microns we could print just about anything.” The Vitraglyphic process uses the powdered glass and a binder. The research was done by graduate student Grant Marchelli.

The cost of the 3D printing material is much less than other materials and the material should be great for artists and consumer materials. Opinions are divided around the office if it looks good but, we all think it is a huge breakthrough.

The best thing is that Professor Ganter, Grant Marchelli and Solheim Rapid Manufacturing Laboratory decided to make their invention available for free for general use!!!

You can check out more information on the site here.


    1. Joris


      We hope to but it is early days yet, we would have to evaluate the process first and see if we could do it. We would also have to see if it scales and how the pricing and quality are. It would typically takes us several months to implement new production techniques and since this is rather new it would take us longer.


  1. ganter

    Our lab would look forward to helping Shapeways make the 3DP glass process available. Joris and I spent about an hour talking on the phone discussing exactly these issues.

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