Rose Keeper Awesome model 3D printed steel model by Mani Zamani

I mentioned Mani Zamani and the awesome model Rose Keeper in the previous post. Mani used Shapeways Steel 3D printing and existing Revoltech joints to make a movable, pose able model that is just amazing. 

Below Mani explains to us, a great and inspirational story, the journey to Rose Keeper.

Well I am a foreign
student and graduate of the Design Academy in Eindhoven  and as
long as I remember I was always fascinated by those giant robots from Japanese
animation specially the old school ones. So based on that background, believe it
or not, I decided to become a designer.

After coming to The Netherlands,
in my forth year of study I started a project in the plastic course which the
focus was designing a robot action figure based on injection molding in a form
of kit model for kids. For that project I used the simple technique of making
all the parts with balsa wood and simply vacuum form them with polystyrene (the
same material used for kit models) and I used Lego parts for the joints.

A month later a friend of mine
who is also a computer nerd introduced me to Shapeways. And that was a big deal really big deal. See
after 5 years of modeling in Rhino3d and printing data sheets to make parts in
foam and balsa, Shapeways was a big eye opener.

So I decided to go straight and
without any test print I ordered my first model which was also a very human like
robot inspired by ninja-samurais (The Samurai-Poet Project).

you can see every thing is printed by Shapeways except the ball joints system
which I order them from Japan. I did
some test prints of the same ball and socket system with SLS(White, Strong & Flexible) but it was not as
strong as I expected to be specially for the hip joints where there is more
weight but I did use the SLS ball
joints in arms where there is no weight issue there .

It was after this experience
which I came up with the conclusion that ratchet and klicky ball joints are
better solution for heavy models and after some research I found Revoltech.

Now what is Revoltech: Revoltech is an action figure line from the
Japanese company Kaiyodo. The main selling point
of the line is the ‘Revolver’ joint, which all of the figures utilize. This
gives the figures a high degree of articulation, allowing for many dynamic and
varied poses.

Exactly 4 months before my visa expired I
saw an announcement of metal 3d printing
for all on Shapeways and I went nuts for
it. I had to design a robot all in metal (I have a goal in my life and it is to
design and build robot figures in as many different materials and techniques a as
possible and become a master of it)

So in order to over come the costs I decided to cancel my summer trip to Zurich and spend the money on this project.

Rosekeeper became a different project
during designing. The organic shape of a rose and a background story that I had
in mind lead to this creature which is not a robot but a rejected demon from
hell which has to find the perfect rose in order to bring balance between the
world of angels, demons, humans and birds.

It has 14 points of articulation together
with 2 point extra for knees (double joints).

Unfortunately even with Revoltech joints it
is heavy for some poses but I am really pleased with it and this brings me to my
next project which will be to design my own joint system this will also let me
sell my works without any restrictions
. (the figure itself is 205 mm long).




  1. Shelley Noble

    Thank you so much, Shapeways and Mani for more on the story behind this stunning model.

    After yesterday’s post, I went searching for everything I could find about Mani and his models. So impressive. I would love to be able to buy The Samurai Poet as a gift especially, but couldn’t find it for sale anywhere.

    I was inspired to order as many ball and socket joints from Japan as I could find and read as much as I could about the various manufactured joints available.

    For myself, I’m mainly interested in buying joints to make custom stop motion armatures for my animations.It would be a dream come true if they could be made/printed in hard steel at some point. I am not equipped to machine my own parts from balls and rods. The plastic joints, while fine for posing models, unfortunately can’t hold firmly enough between small incremental poses for frame by frame animation.

  2. Mani

    Hi there

    i designed some ball joint system for stanless steel and i am waiting for next week to have them shiped to me and i will post the resultes on forum
    and shortly my shop will be available ;)

    thank you sooo much for the suport


  3. DuCakedHare


    Can I say that the RoseKeeper, his looks and design (and the back story – is there a longer piece to go with the brief summary on your site…?) are wonderful!

    Am right there with Shelly in waiting for the shop – hopefully it means you’re looking into making a number of these guys? Though my purpose is I am starting out in photography and looking for interesting little models…. I came across the RoseKeeper whilst looking for lay models; as standard commercial action figures are… well not quite interesting…

    Amazing stuff!

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    We are starting to see a stream of really cool robot designs pass through the Shapeways space-time portal and I just wanted to take a moment to share some that I could find. It would be really interesting if we could standardize a scale so that componen

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